Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mil - Unfinished Busine$$

Coming from Szeged, Hungary, Mil brings us the release Unfinished Busine$$ which has a total of 15 songs and is under 30 minutes long, with some great remixed songs and mesmerizing instrumentals. If you love hip-hop or even just like it a bit then you should you yourself a favor and head over to bandcamp and swoop up on this sweet pick up, iiiiits freeeeeeeee.

Link - http://sunsiderec.bandcamp.com/album/unfinished-busine

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus comes to us from Halland County, Sweden. These dudes are pretty tits so far from all that I have herd from them. They have a pretty sweet funky style that I wouldn't expect a band from Sweden to have. Baby Jesus is a band with a very promising sound, I see these dudes going far on day. Baby Jesus is very creative and catchy, and if that what you like in your music then these dudes are for you. Head on over to their bandcamp and check em out. Well worth the free downloads. Id say Baby Jesus is a must have, but that's just my opinion.

Link - https://babyjesusband.bandcamp.com/

Surf Curse

Surf Curse comes from my new home town Reno, Nevada. They are the perfect mix of garage punk pop with some great beach vibes. Surf Curse is a great band and I cant wait till i get my chance to see them live. Head on over to their bandcamp and check out these dudes music, well worth the free downloads. These are some MUST HAVES in my opinion.

Link - http://surfcurse.bandcamp.com/music

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Hiya Dunes

Coming from New York, The Hiya Dunes have a unique sound that I think maybe most people wouldn't expect a band from NY to have. I've herd people call the Growlers hacks and that they're stealing other bands sounds. I think that is the furthest thing from the truth, perhaps The Hiya Dunes are just vibing off other bands. The sound that The Hiya Dunes provide is a sound and a feeling that I think most bands just are not able to provide these days. The Hiya Dunes is something you can throw on, kick back, smoke some cannabis and throw back a beer or two to. I highly recommend listening to The Hiya Dunes, not to see if they sound like other bands, but just to listen to them, these dudes are doing something unique and deserve some attention. If you listen to The Allah-Las, Mystic Braves or The Growlers I recommend checking these dudes out. Head over to their bandcamp and check em out and download some free music.

Link - http://thehiyadunes.bandcamp.com/music

The Gumbo Ya-Ya's

The Gumbo Ya-Ya's are a different breed of rock, making a sound of their own. Coming all the way from South Africa right to my ears in Reno. These dudes know how to rock and you can hear it in their music, its pure raw energy, something everyone needs now and then. The Gumbo Ya-Ya's are different than most bands out there, and other bands that try to have this sound just don't have it down like The Gumbo Ya-Ya's. Their sound is so uniqe and verys from different gernes that The Gumbo Ya-Ya's have something fro everyone. They rage like The Mummies and got that bluesy groove like The Gories. Head over to their bandcamp and give em a listen, download their music for free. Do it.

Link - http://thegumboya-yas.bandcamp.com/


Heaters is a three man band, and boy will they fuck you up. Their sound is definitely their own and they are killing it. The music just blends together all so well, with a nice mix of a fuzz sound and a garage beach vibe. Their sound might remind you of an early Ty Segall and some Night Beats. Heaters will keep the energy alive as well as keeping it strange and trippy. I havent been dissapointed with one track that i have had the pleasure of listening to from this great band. Do your self a favor and go download some of Heaters stuff on their bandcamp and check em out. And also be on the lookout for Heaters, i sense big things coming for them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Los DeVitos

In Bakersfield California the band Los DeVitos has a sound to them not to many bands have. Some might listen to this and think, hey they're just ripping off The Growlers or Mystic Braves. In my honest opinion they're not ripping off anyone's style, if anything they're vibing off those bands and had the urge to make their own music, and Los DeVitos was their outcome. Los DeVitos has a very very relaxing vibe to them. This is the type of music you can throw on and light up a nice bowl or joint to and throw back a beer or two. Los DeVitos will remind you of an early Growlers, and they have just as much promise and potential as The Growlers from a few years back had. And look at The Growlers now, they're getting pretty big and playing the big music festivals. Do yourself and your ears a favor and go grab some Los DeVitos for FREE!!!

Link - http://losdevitos.bandcamp.com/album/demo


Casinos is a band that sounds far different from anything I have ever herd, so I will do my best to describe their sound. The lead singer, Kreider Dane, has a voice that will suck you in and make you want more, and if its not his voice doing that work then it'll definitely be the music. The vibe this band has going on kinda seems like a drug filled 80's beach party, not that I've ever been to one, but damn, when I close my eyes and listen to the music that's all I see, and I like it. If you havnt herd Casinos yet do yourself a favor and go check em out. They have two free downloads on their bandcamp and I would highly recommend getting both of them.

Link - http://casinosband.bandcamp.com/music

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rex Goliath

Rex Goliath is a three piece band from San Jose California making their own sound and making it ruff rugged and raw. Fast paced rage music at its best.  And what makes this band even cooler in my opinion is that their bass player is one of my old bosses. If you give Rex Goliath a try you will not be disappointed. Some great head shaking and foot tapping music these guys are making. Do yourself a favor and go swoop up on their free 3 song release on bandcamp. And be on the look out for Rex Goliath, I see a lot of potential in them. You got wicked guitars and sweet vocals, and a hot bass player. What more do you need.

Link - http://rexgoliath.bandcamp.com/releases

Capital STEEZ - AmeriKKKan Korruption

To change up the flow a bit I"m gonna post what i feel is the greatest hip-hop album of this generation. Over the years hip-hop has fell off from what is and what it was. Now and days all the rap songs and hip-hop songs are about getting hoes and bitches and killing people and other stupid shit like that. That"s not what hip-hop is at all, at least not the stuff i was raised on, Fugees, Wu-Tang, De La Soul and the list goes on. Its sad to say Capital STEEZ is not with us anymore, back in 2012 it is said that he took his own life, now many people have their own opinions on what happened to him, but the fact is, and it is a sad sad fact, but he is no longer with us on this planet. But while STEEZ was on this planet he changed the music game weather he knows it or not, there's a shift coming in this world and STEEZ was trying to get you prepared for that. He spoke truth in his lyrics, STEEZ tried to reach people with his music and open up their eyes and minds to whats happening in the world. While he was on this earth he was part of creating something big. STEEZ is a co-founder of the hip-hop collective PRO ERA, and as well a part of the BEST COAST movement that's happening in NY. This album right here is seriously the best hip-hop album you'll get your hand on in years. you'll be able to find something you like in each track. Every time STEEZ spits his flows the hair on you body will just stand up, you'll know you're listening to a legend that was taken from us way to early. although STEEZ isn't here with us in person he will always be here in spirit. Do yourself a favor and go grab this album by Capital STEEZ, even if hip-hop isn't your kind of music give this a try. STEEZ has potential to change your world and views of this world. Get on your 47 shit and please grab this, this is more than a MUST HAVE. This is a NEED TO HAVE. If you listen to Joey Bada$$ and don't know who Capital STEEZ is, this guy put him on, got him to the point he is today. STEEZ is like Joey's older brother, go grab this steal of a free album and let STEEZ live on through you as well.

Link - http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/19191/capital-steez-amerikkkan-korruption-reloaded.html


If you don't know about Melted yet then you're missing out, pure rage and good times in these guys music. Melted recently singed with Burger Records and what a great singing that was for each party involved in that. Melted fits the Burger brand perfectly, creative and be fun, but most of all be your frigging self's. I really don't know how else to explain Melted, head over to bandcamp and download their first two demo releases and check em out for yourselves. this guys are pure rage and if that's what you like then this is for you.

Link - http://meltedca.bandcamp.com/music

Kitchen Hips

Alright y'all, i know I"ve been gone a while but I"m back after a much needed vacation and ready to post all kinds of free music I've been finding through bandcamp and exploring other parts of the interwbs. This first group i found is a little two piece from LA. The music they play you probably wouldn't expect from a band in LA id say, that's not to say the music is band. It is far form bad. This is something far different than whatever else is out there in the world right now, and the way the lead singer, Aerienne sings for this group is so different and entertaining. And she kills it on her banjo as well. If i had to compare Aerienne and Kitchen Hips to anything that's out now and days i would say they're is like a female Pokey LaFarge, and i only say that because of the creative and interesting way Aerienne sings. Other than that their music is a bit different and has a easier vibe to it and its just so relaxing. If you're tired of listening to the same old stuff and want something new, I very much recommend Kitchen Hips. Kitchen Hips has a sound everyone will love, From kids of all ages to adults of all ages, even stuff the grandparents will enjoy. Go to the bandcamp of Kitchen Hips and download all three of their releases, you will not be disappointed. Kitchen Hips is a MUST HAVE!!!

Link - http://kitchenhips.bandcamp.com/