Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hangman ❤ Bullshit

These dudes rip it up, go wild, and have a damn good time. I don't know how to explain them other than they are fuzzy, raw, and really fucking catchy. I played them for my brother, who isn't a fan of fuzz music, and he loved them. It was the first time I've seen him rock out and go wild in a while. But who knows, it coulda been all the beers he drank. If you're looking to rock the fuck out check these dudes out. They wont disappoint. Go check em out and swoop up on that music y'all.

Link -

Nathan and the Meanstreaks

I don't even know where to start with these dudes. They fucking rule, four songs of good old raw rock music. These dudes are fucking groovy, the bees knees, the cats pajamas, anything you can think of these dudes are that. If you liked that Dead Cats post then I am pretty sure you'll love this. Go check these dudes out and swoop up on some tunes y'all.

Link -

Chest Pain

Only three songs, but three songs that are catchy and that are pretty damn good. I stumbled across these dudes the other day and shit am I happy I did. These three songs have found themselves
on repeat the few days for me just cause I find em to be that good. If I have to recommend a song for you to check out i'd say check out their song Be Bop-A-Lula. Go check these dudes out, give em a listen, and swoop up on some music if you dig it.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Off White

Here we got some easy going but still raw rock music. These dudes are pretty good, only these four songs up of theirs that I know of. But I will definitely be looking for more of their music in the future for y'all. Check em out and give em a listen, and if you like it swoop up on some tunes. Stay salty and goochy y'all.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Bobby T. and The Slackers

I've been listening to these dudes for a while now and they just recently put up some new songs on their bandcamp, so I figured i might as well share them. These dudes rock in my opinion, have a few different styles, they can go crazy and they also have some sweet laid back tunes that you can just chill out to. Check em out, peep their bandcamp and swoop up on that music if its what you digg.

Link -

Dead Cats

I came across these dudes a few weeks ago and right away I knew they had to be shared. So here you go folks, enjoy Dead Cats from Bordeaux, France. Fast, raw, and in your face. Swoop up on this while you can because who knows how long it'll be up in the world of the interwebs. This is a MUST HAVE y'all so go get it. Get it MEOW!!!

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