Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Salt

Summer Salt is so so good. I've been listening to their tunes for a bit now and I feel they are a band that deserves to be herd. These dudes fucking rock, its some sweet jazzy oldies surf rock and everyone should listen to them. Its all just so soothing and relaxing and you'll love it. head over to their bandcamp and swoop on some music.

Link - http://summersaltband.bandcamp.com/album/driving-to-hawaii-ep

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Uncle Thom

Some more sweet instrumentals coming at you. Do yourself a favor and go check out Uncle Thom, his music is so sweet and relaxing. If youve checked out the past few posts you should check this one out. I'm telling you, this dude rules, he is fucking tits.!!!!

Link - http://unclethom.bandcamp.com/music


Some more great instrumentals. Go swoop up on these, very relaxing and chilled out. AJMW has some sweet tunes.

Link - http://ajmwsounds.bandcamp.com/music

Link 2 - https://soundcloud.com/ajmwsounds


If you're looking for great instrumentals and some sweet remixed songs, look no further. Shun'ei rips it up, go peep these sweet sweet tunes and swoop up on em.

Link - https://shunei.bandcamp.com/music

Link 2 - https://soundcloud.com/shun-ei

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Peebs The Prophet - Ills of the Earth EP (Prod. Phoniks & BluntOne)

The sweet sweet sounds of good hip-hop. Very hard to come by these days, but that's why i'm here. This is an instant classic, great flows and beats. And anything with BluntOne in it is amazing. Go swoop this up, after hearing this song you'll want it.

Link - https://dontsleeprecords.bandcamp.com/album/ills-of-the-earth-ep-prod-phoniks-bluntone

Monday, June 1, 2015

Billy Beatz

Billy Beatz is some great instrumentals, remixed oldies and more. This dude is killing it, do yourself a favor and swoop up on this great music.

Link 1 - http://billybeatz.bandcamp.com/music

Link 2 - https://soundcloud.com/billybeatz