Monday, August 31, 2015


Ladywolf is a band from Portland, Oregon making all kinds of music. They got some rough stuff and some nice and easy mellow stuff. If you got the time to check em out I'd say do so if you like your rock and roll to be raw and from the heart. These dudes are pretty wicked and I look forward to hearing more from Ladywolf. If you like the way they sound follow the link below to their bandcamp and swoop up on some music

Link -

Monday, August 24, 2015

Phoniks - Shaolin Summer: The Remixes

If you don't know about this you should. If you're a Wu-Tang fan or not. This album has some sweet remixes on it that I think anyone can love. Phoniks kills it with all these remixes, some not as good as most, but something that is a MUST HAVE. I stumbled across this a few weeks ago and I'm listening to it constantly. If you have the time to check this out you should, just click play, you know you wanna. And if you like it you can go swoop it up on bandcamp, just click the link below.

Link -

Las Piñas

These ladies fricking rule. Coming all the way from La Plata, Argentina you got some sweet ass beach tunes. I've been listening to these ladies for a while now and every time I listen to them I love their music more and more. they have a tape floating around on bandcamp for about 5 bucks (here I don't know what they say in their songs but the music and the lead singers voice mesh so good together that I don't even care. I look forward to hearing more from Las
Piñas and if you have a minute to check em out you should. Hit up their bandcamp and swoop on some sweet tunes.

Link -