Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lusta Bítek

MORE INSTRUMENTALS!! Who doesnt love good hip-hop instrumentals. And even better, its more hip-hop instrumentals from Szeged, Hungry. Lusta Bitek is something wonderful I tell ya. The description on SUN SIDE RECORDS bandcamp for the second release by Lusta Bitek, Jazz Pack, describes it best "15 minutes of peace n' harmony for you and your family".  And thats exactly what it is, peace and harmony. The first release, Songs For a Lazy Day, By Lusta Bitek is all just as good, and has 15 more minutes of pure greatness on it. If you love instumentals go grab these releases by Lusta Bitek, these are MUST HAVES.

Link (Songs For a Lazy Day) -

Link (Jazz Pack) -

Urban Development

Urban Development has a simple smooth and rugged sound to them and they're owing it and making it their own. This three piece band from LA has a very promising sound to them so far with the five tracks they've released on bandcamp, definitely worth checking out.

Link -

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


If you remember the post about The Lava & Ash and me saying that they always come back after a hiatus but under a new name then here is another band of theirs. wickedwitches releases 4 tracks that are well worth having if you like different music. Give em a try and if you like em you can download em for free.

Link -


I never would have thought that I would find such great hip-hop instrumentals all the way from Hungary. In a town called Szeged there is a record company by the name of SUN SIDE RECORDS (, and boy oh boy do they have some great music. A few months back a came across BluntOne, I don't remember how I did but I am very happy I did, it was an instant download for me. Such relaxing vibes through out the first release (Relaxed Spacious), its just so mellow that it gives you a musical high. You can throw it on, kick back, close your eyes and all your troubles and worries will just vanish, it is that good. To close off the first release, BluntOne ends it with 4 remix tracks, and BluntOne does them all justice. One of the remixes is a remix of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest's 1nce Again. Relaxed Spacious is a MUST HAVE for those how love great hip-hop instrumentals. The second release by BluntOne, Flying Carpet Ride, is all just as good in not even better. The feels you get from this music is seriously unexplainable. BluntOne is doing music and hip-hop justice, keeping real and raw, making that music thatll hit your spirit. Do yourself a favor a go grab these releases, you will not be disappointed.

Link (Relaxed Spacious) -

Link (Flying Carpet Ride) -

Link -

The Dying Shames - The Dying Shames

I stumbeld across this little dozy last night when I was just chillin looking for something to listen too, going through bandcamp on my phone, three different genres and at least 20 band/artists. And as soon as I was about to say fuck it and ditch finding music for the night, I came across The Dying Shames. All the way from London with this 4 track release, these dudes know how to get you moving, all 4 tracks are worth listening to and are all pretty good as well. Give these dudes a listen and swoop up on some free music from them.

Link -

Duke Fresh

These are must haves, i repeat MUST HAVES! This is hip-hop at its best. Duke Fresh is reviving hip-hop and taking it back to the good old days. Hip-Hop is back on the come up, and I don't mean that Drake or Lil Wayne shit. Not that Kanye shit either. I mean that good stuff from back in the days. If you're a fan of Capital STEEZ, Pro Era, Phony Ppl or The Underachievers I highly highly recommend swooping up on these free, i repeat FREE Duke Fresh releases. All the way from San Jose California, my hometown, home of the San Jose Sharks, great cannabis, great people and even better vibes. I personally know Duke Fresh,he is a great friend of mine, and I'm not just promoting this because he is my friend, I truly feel like these are great. The flow of Duke Fresh is just so smooth and original.You wont find anything out there that is like this, the style is fresh and classic. You will constantly be bobbing your head and shaking your leg to the beats. You can see/hear how much Duke Fresh progresses from his first release to his second. The first release (from me to you.) is really good, every time Duke Fresh up on the mic you just get mesmerized, you can hear how much he loves doing what hes doing in the way he flows and in his voice. So much positivity   flowing around and you can feel it. The second release (Due on the Daily) is pure greatness, something you can throw on and listen to all the way through from the first track to the last. I instantly fell in love with Due on the Daily, its something I listen to a whole lot and it has one of my favorite songs Daze Work. Again I highly recommend swooping up on these. MUST HAVES. You'll be happy you got em on you get em.

Link -

Old Ghost 老 鬼 - The Old Ghost EP

For the people out there who like instrumentals, I would recommend swooping up on this. Very relaxing and easy going, and will put you at ease. Tracks 1,3 and 5 I could have on repeat, tracks 2 and 4 dont really flow with this EP in my opinon but still a must have. I wouldnt recommend this to everyone, but if you like instrumentals i would give this little dozy a try.

Link -

The Lava & Ash

Me and this band go way back, to the days of early high school and smoking a lot of cannabis with my friends. At the time I was a lost little soul who didnt know myself, seaching and searching for things that would help me be me. Little did I know though, that when i stopped searching was when I was gunna find myself. I ended up finding the right friends, the right hobbies, and myself through my music. This band right here changed everything for me in the best possible way, sometimes the right music can do that for you. I first found The Lava & Ash years ago, maybe about 8 years ago at the least id say, but not as The Lava & Ash, I first knew them as the Dead Love Triangles. They made music like no one else and change my whole view on music and just about everything else in this crazy world. Sadly I cannot find their first release as the Dead Love Triangles, but this release is just as good. After the Dead Love Triangles they took a hiatus for a while and came back with the same type of sound just a bit more raw and fine tuned. Sadly again though they are on a hiatus, although they do come back every once in awhile but under a new name and sometimes different members, but you know its the same guys, you hear it in his voice and in the music. Do yourself a favor and go swoop up on this, you will be so glad you did.

Link -

Travel Check - 66$

All the way from Paris, Travel Check has the garage pop sound on lock. Sweet twangy guitars and drum beats that make you instantly shake your leg and bob your head. This is the type of music you can see your self partying to on the beach or in the middle of the desert with a bunch of homies, dancing and going wild, drinking and partying the night away. This 4 track release will not disappoint anyone who gives it a chance. I feel like these guys are going places, and its only a matter of time until they get invited to SXSW or the Austin Psych Fest. Do your self a favor and go swoop up on this little golden nugget of rock music.

Link -

Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt is an all lady band hailing from Seattle, Washington. These ladies know how to make some groovy tunes, keeping a nice punk pop feeling for you to wiggle your little finger to. I would say Chastity Belt is by far one of the better lady bands out there these days along with the likes of the La Luz and Shannon & The Clams. If those two bands are at all in any way up your ally then so should Chastity Belt. They keep it simple, groovy and raw, just like how music should sound. Do your ears and yourself a favor and check out these very talented ladies and head over to their bandcamp, Their first three releases on bandcamp are up for download, I highly suggest grabbing them and adding them to the music collection for when this world ends.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Another band that has members of MEAT MARKET in it. The sound of these guys is pure raw. Something you'll find your self listening to over and over again if you love fast beats, catchy tunes and dancing. I had the pleasure of being at this bands very first show, I remember it like it was yesterday. A three band show, URTHDANCE, MEAT MARKET, and FIDLAR when they were full of piss and hate. URTHDANCE opened up the show like no other band i had seen before. For it being their fist show they killed, most memorable moment was when URTHDANCE did a classic Mummies cover, (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of Apes. These guys will find their way into your music heart if you give em a chance, go to the link and download em for free.

Link -


UNITY is little piece from Oakland, the best way to describe them, no idea. I guess the best way to describe them is by going off what they tag themselves as, queercore. Its a nice soft thrashy garage type of sound, sweet guitars and the dudes can sing. This band also has two members of the band MEAT MARKET, whats not to like about that. Give em a listen and if you like em you can download em for free

Link -

Ethan Fisher - Beat Tape EP

I stumbled across this little gem just a few minutes ago. Very mellow vibes, great instrumentals. 6 tracks that I would say are all worth a listen, tracks 2, 3 and 5 will just give you that good feeling in your soul knowing you're listening to great music. I highly recommend going to the bandcamp of Ethan Fisher and swooping up on this sweet EP.

Link -
To start off, this blogs purpose is for me to share all the free music I can that I find out there. The posts will be some what of review, but mainly the stuff I post I feel like is worth listening to. And if the band/musician/artist want to put there stuff up out there for free I might as well help and try to get them some listeners. The music ill be posting will very in genres, but the main point is this stuff is gonna be worth listening to. I hope all the visitors enjoy this blog, and dig the tunes.