Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stuff to checking out before you start your new year

Sorry im late on this yall, had computer issues for the past few weeks. But lets get this thing started.

Peebs The Prophet

Link - https://peebstheprophet.bandcamp.com/album/ills-of-the-earth-ep-prod-phoniks-bluntone


Link - https://shunei.bandcamp.com/music

Uncle Thom

Link - https://unclethom.bandcamp.com/music

Billy Beatz

Link - https://billybeatz.bandcamp.com/music

Circa 91 (RIP)

Link - https://circa91.bandcamp.com/releases


Link - https://ladywolf.bandcamp.com/music

White Lodge

Link - https://whitelodgeaus.bandcamp.com/music

T. Rexico

Link - https://t-rexico.bandcamp.com/music


Link - https://unityband.bandcamp.com/music

Chest Pain

Link - https://chestpainband.bandcamp.com/album/beach-beauties

Link - https://casinosband.bandcamp.com/music

Surf Curse

Link - https://surfcurse.bandcamp.com/music

Las Piñas

Link - https://laspinias.bandcamp.com/releases


Link - https://heaters.bandcamp.com/

L.A. Witch

Link - https://lawitches.bandcamp.com/music

Dead Cats

Link - https://deadcatsmeow.bandcamp.com/album/party-in-the-gutter
Fake Tides

Link - https://faketides.bandcamp.com/music

Los DeVitos

Link - https://losdevitos.bandcamp.com/music

The Parrots

Link - https://theparrots.bandcamp.com/music

Chastity Belt

Link - https://chastity-belt.bandcamp.com/music

Denney & The Jets

Link - https://denneyandthejets.bandcamp.com/music

Summer Salt

Link - https://summersalt.bandcamp.com/

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